Best Detox Cleanse of 2022

The detox cleanse is a way for health conscious adults to rid their body of toxins stored in the vital organs, muscle tissue, adipose tissue and colon. It is also an increasingly popular method for kickstarting weight loss as it does not require the user adhere to any dangerous fads that might undermine their overall health.

The detox cleanse may take any one of several different forms but all serve the purpose of freeing the body from environmental and dietary toxins. Exactly how long a specific detox cleanse will take will depend on the metabolic mechanism it employs. But as a general rule few take more than a month. Below are the 10 best detox cleanses currently on the market. (more…)

Reviewing the Best Stethoscopes of 2022

The stethoscope has been with us since the late 18th century, and has been a commonplace item in hospitals and doctor’s offices for more than 100 years. The stethoscope is an invaluable diagnostic tool that can be used effectively with just a modicum of training.

Stethoscopes are a must-have item for cardiologists, cardiac nurses, general practitioners, EMTs, military medical personnel, and medical students, and have become an increasingly popular item to have in the home first aid kit.

The following are the best stethoscopes on the market for 2022. (more…)

Best Boron Supplements of 2022

Boron doesn’t get the flashy press like vitamin C. Nor is it a widely known and appreciated element like iron. Instead, it has languished in the shadows of scientific awareness since it was discovered by Joseph L. Gay-Lussac in 1808. In recent years, however, researchers have discovered that boron plays an important role in some fundamental aspects of overall health.

Boron is now known to be crucial to bone development, to assist brain function and to reduce inflammation. Your body also uses it to heal wounds and regulate insulin levels. So you ignore boron at your own peril. We’ve spent long hours examining the boron supplement landscape and determined that the following are the 10 best boron supplements of 2022. (more…)