Best Fish Oil Supplements of 2021

Fish oil is about as close as you can come to an all-encompassing health supplement. It’s long been heralded for its ability to bolster the immune system (1) and promote cardiovascular health and lately there’s been talk of it potentially being used to treat ADHD, relieve anxiety, stave off depression, help mitigate symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease and perhaps even play a role in preventing some types of cancer. That’s a lot to put on the shoulders of any supplement. But if there’s one that can handle the pressure it’s fish oil.

Below are the 10 best fish oil supplements for 2021.


Best Vitamin K2 Supplements of 2021

In the pantheon of vitamins there are the perceived titans, such as Vitamin C, and there are those that perform an equally vital role but for whatever reason just don’t get the press. Vitamin K2 is one such vitamin.

Vitamin K2 was discovered less than a century ago and first believed to be little more than a curiosity. However, it’s now known that, among other things, vitamin K2 plays an important role in maintaining healthy bones and in preventing heart disease (1).

Here are the 10 best K2 supplements for 2021.


Best Energy Drinks of 2022

Energy drinks have been with us for a while now and, to the surprise of many, have proven to be much more than just a trendy flash in the pan. They’re here to stay and are produced by an ever growing number of companies to appeal to an ever growing number of energy-deprived consumers. (more…)