Best Nootropics of 2021

You hear a lot about nootropics these days. Some of it is nonsense. But a lot of it is firmly grounded in science. The fact is nootropics won’t turn humanity into a race of Einsteins. But they may very well help you study more effectively, do a better job problem solving at work and who knows, they may even help you pick that one stock that delivers financial security.

But before that can happen you need to know which nootropic supplements actually work. So we’ve done the legwork for you and compiled our list of the most effective nootropic supplements on the market today. (more…)

Best Cod Liver Oil of 2021

Before there was krill oil, or shark oil or coconut oil there was cod liver oil. Cod liver oil is one of the few things from your great-grandparents time (1) that has navigated the winds of societal change and remained relevant. Today it’s valued for being a rich source of omega 3 fatty acids and for enabling a slew of potential health benefits.

Those include reducing the risk of heart disease, enhancing eye health, alleviating some symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis and reducing the aches and pains associated with inflammation.

Below we’ve brought together the 10 best cod liver oil supplements on the market today for your consideration. (more…)

Appetite Suppressants

Best Appetite Suppressants of 2021

Food cravings have been the downfall of millions of would be dieters throughout the ages. You can have the most scientifically rigorous diet ever devised at your disposal but if you aren’t able to back away from the table or prevent yourself from opening the fridge between meals it won’t matter. That’s where appetite suppressants come in.

They’re designed to compensate for lapses in willpower so that you can stay the diet course and get rid of those unwanted pounds. But not all appetite suppressants are created equal. Not by a long shot. Some are little more than placebos in fancy packaging. But how can you tell which is which? Fear not. In order to save you time and aggravation we’ve brought together the 10 best appetite suppressants currently on the market for your consideration. (more…)