Best Fat Burners for Men of 2021

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For most guys getting rid of that spare tire is a lifelong ambition that often goes unfulfilled. They try dieting periodically. Some even take up running. But in the end the gut wins out and both short and long term health suffer as a result.

But love handles don’t have to be a permanent part of your personal landscape. Fat burner supplements exist today that can help put the process of weight loss in motion. They make related efforts (like eating right) more successful and help power workouts that increase fat burning even further.

Today’s fat burners for men combine cutting edge nutritional science with tried and true ingredients. They increase metabolism, enhance energy levels and enable safe, dependable weight loss. Here are the 10 best fat burners for men in 2021.

1. MusclePharm Shred Sport

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What we like about MusclePharm Shred is that it uses an impressive array of ingredients with proven fat burning and metabolism boosting abilities. It doesn’t just dump a ton of caffeine on you and leave you bug-eyed and shaking. Instead, there’s capsicum to help boost the metabolism, teacrine to reduce appetite, L-carnitine to metabolize fat cells and a moderate amount of caffeine to put some wind in your workout sails.

You take 2 capsules twice a day. Ideally, that would be first thing in the morning to get you going and then later in the day before working out. You’ll see enhanced physical performance, feel more mentally alert and burn off that 1-pack in a safe, controlled manner. It’s free of proprietary blends and genetically modified organisms and produced in a Good Manufacturing Practices facility under FDA supervision.

2. Vintage Burn Fat Burner

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Vintage Burn has a name that suggests old school fat burning with ephedrine or maybe some eye of newt. But in reality it’s state of the art stuff that uses green tea extract, garcinia cambogia, green coffee bean extract, raspberry ketones and more to drive its fat burning efforts.

While raspberry ketones are pretty superfluous the rest of the ingredients have good track records boosting metabolism, enhancing thermogenesis, providing energy and reducing appetite. There’s also 150 mg of caffeine, which not only helps power your workouts but is one of the world’s great appetite suppressants. (If you don’t believe that have a double espresso and then see if you feel like eating.) Old School Fat Burner is 3rd party tested for purity and potency and comes with a money back guarantee if you’re not completely satisfied.

3. SuperHD Weight Loss

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While SuperHD employs a proprietary blend there’s enough good stuff in that blend that we can overlook the specifics when it comes to amounts. Those ingredients include amla fruit extract and dandelion root, yohimbe and cayenne pepper. All of which are known to either enhance energy levels, increase metabolism or suppress appetite.

In addition, there’s 160 mg of caffeine to drive your workouts and help keep your appetite at bay. There’s also vitamin B12 which is known to help boost metabolism and plays a role in producing oxygen carrying red blood cells. This is a good choice for those trying a fat burner for the first time.

4. Evlution Nutrition Lean Mode

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Some fat burners are made to be taken in the morning and then work behind the scenes to elevate your metabolism throughout the day. Evlution Lean Mode by comparison is meant to be taken before working out. It provides a significant dose of caffeine that is going to be more than most people want to deal with if they’re just trying to get some work done.

You’ll need to have some way to employ all this caffeine. So take it before you head to the gym and enjoy the energy boost. Lean Mode also includes L-carnitine and garcinia cambogia extract to reduce appetite and provide some antioxidant benefits.

5. Skald Fat Burner

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When it comes to fat burning and metabolism boosting Skald provides all the usual suspects. There’s caffeine (though they don’t specify how much), green tea leaf and black pepper. All of which add up to an energy boost and appetite suppression.

But there’s also something called ‘theobromine’ which has become something of an item lately as it’s purported to provide a caffeine-like boost without the side effects. Skald also claims to be able to enhance respiratory function. Although they don’t explain how they go about doing that. So you’re best advised to take that with a grain of salt.

6. Genius Fat Burner

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Genius Fat Burner runs a bit against the grain by foregoing caffeine in favor or more traditional energy boosters like ashwagandha, capiscum and theacrine. The result is a kinder, gentler fat burner that’s not going to turn you into a trembling ball of nerves or load you up with questionable ingredients that do nothing.

The supplement is free of genetically modified organisms, produced in a good manufacturing practices facility and contains no artificial ingredients. It’s another fat burner that first timers may want to look into because it doesn’t make you jittery. But it does manage to help suppress appetite and burn fat.

7. Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite Weight Loss

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Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite provides a formidable dose of caffeine from a couple of different sources in addition to L-theanine, forskolin and yohimbe. Yohimbe is derived from the bark of the African evergreen tree and has been used for centuries as a way to treat ED. But beyond that it’s also believed to have the ability to burn fat, even when someone is not particularly active.

Forskolin too has long been used to help overweight individuals achieve some degree of weight loss. Although the scientific jury is out on whether it actually lives up to its lofty billing. Hardcore Elite is produced in the US under the watchful eye of the FDA.

8. Havasu Nutrition Premium Night Time Fat Burner

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Most of the supplements on our list so far work to suppress appetite and put power behind your workouts. Havasu Premium Night Time Fat Burner takes a different route. They use tryptophan, lemon extract and melatonin among other ingredients to keep the metabolic engine running while you’re off in dreamland.

While we applaud the alternative approach we take issue with the proprietary blend that doesn’t tell you how much of what is included. And we’re left scratching our heads just a bit over the inclusion of coffee bean extract, which is fairly rich in caffeine. Still, there is scientific evidence that suggests melatonin can induce fat burning in sleeping individuals. So this may be worth a try if you’re not a workout guy but still need to burn off some fat.

9. Lean XT

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Lean XT is a simple fat burner that includes green tea extract, forskolin, l-carnitine and black pepper extract. The main ingredient is the green tea extract and, at 500 mg strong, it’s going to provide a significant caffeine jolt. The other ingredients are intended to suppress appetite and boost metabolism. And all have a long track record of doing those things.

If you’re sensitive to caffeine this may not be the fat burner for you. But if you’re into working out and caffeine is not a problem you’ll enjoy undeniable fat burning benefits from Lean XT. There are no artificial ingredients, no dyes, no genetically modified organisms and it’s made in a GMP facility right here in the US.

10. Evlution Nutrition Trans4orm

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The last entry on our list is the second from Evlution Nutrition. Trans4orm fat burner is a well-rounded product. It provides enough caffeine to satisfy exercise aficionados but doesn’t put all it’s eggs in the caffeine basket. There’s also vitamin B6, coleus, yohimbe, L-tyrosine, bioperine and folic acid.

All of these ingredients work to either suppress appetite, enhance nutrient absorption or increase the metabolism. Between them they also ramp up thermogenesis. So don’t be surprised if you feel a bit warm an hour or so after taking Trans4orm. You don’t have a fever. The fat burner is causing you to burn more calories which is stoking your internal fire. And that’s exactly what you want from a fat burner.


How Do Fat Burners Work?

Fat burners typically use a combination of ingredients known to stimulate the metabolism, enhance energy levels and suppress appetite. Some concentrate on one more than the others. And some also claim to possess the ability to initiate ketosis (1). That is, the ability to metabolize fat as the primary energy source. Which is different than simply burning off some fat. The problem is, ketosis is impossible if a person is still eating carbs. So we don’t pay much attention to such supplements.

By far the most common ingredient you’ll find in fat burners is caffeine. This should not surprise anyone since caffeine has been a staple of diet-related supplements for decades. Some manufacturers are open about their use of caffeine and boast about how much is in their supplement. Others slip it in quietly by way of green tea extract (2) or something called ‘caffeine anhydrous’; which sounds fancy but really just means dehydrated caffeine.

As we mentioned some fat burners help prevent the production of new fat stores by including appetite suppressants such as yerba mate (3). While others provide large amounts of dietary fiber in order to get things moving. And that is important if you want to lose weight.

Other ingredients you’re likely to find in fat burners include cayenne pepper whose active compound (capsaicin) is believed by some to increase metabolism and suppress appetite (4). And some fat burners toss in a variety of vitamins and minerals to promote better overall health.

What are the Benefits of Fat Burners for Men?

Fat burners for men provide a range of benefits as long as the person using them is also willing to watch what they eat and exercise. That said the benefits of fat burners for men include:

Increased metabolism – No real fat burning can occur unless you either A) eliminate nearly all carbohydrates from your diet or B) find a way to increase your metabolism. Most people who try and eliminate all but a tiny fraction of carbs wind up failing. Because it means they need to give up all their favorite foods. The easier course of action is to find a way to increase your metabolism. For this reason fat burners include things like caffeine, yohimbe and capsaicin. Exercise is also important because the presence of muscle tissue actually increases metabolism (5). So take the fat burner and work out to see best results.

Reduced appetite – Most of the best fat burners for men provide ingredients that reduce appetite. Appetite suppressants work by making you feel full. Caffeine, for instance, achieves this effect by causing the stomach muscles to contract. Increased metabolism, reduced appetite and exercise represent the holy trinity of weight loss factors. If you are taking the fat burner, eating less and working out you’re going to find success in burning off fat stores.

More stable blood sugars – It is now believed that as many as half of all Americans have blood sugar issues (6). Roller coaster blood sugar levels can wreak havoc with a person’s emotions (7). While chronically high blood glucose levels can lead to type II diabetes (8). A good fat burner when used in conjunction with a healthy diet will help stabilize blood sugar levels. In the process it will help fend off the development of diabetes.

Greater mental focus – Burning fat and losing weight has a knock-on effect of increasing mental focus. This is due in no small part to the more stable blood sugars (9) you’ll enjoy as the fat burner does its thing. Another benefit of fat burners – increased metabolism – also plays a role in enhancing mental alertness. That’s because increased metabolism means enhanced blood flow. And enhanced blood flow means more oxygen getting to the brain.

Weight loss – This is obviously the number 1 reason men decide to use a fat burner. And the best ones typically deliver on their promise. Just remember though that even the best fat burner is not a magic pill. It can certainly help boost your weight loss efforts. But you’ll need to do your part by cutting back on destructive, high-carb and fat-heavy foods. And, as we mentioned earlier, it would help immensely if you engaged in some type of exercise.

More energy – Most men who lose weight experience a noticeable increase in energy. They are no longer held back by their excess weight. They’re more physically nimble than they have been in years. And they’re able to participate in physical activities whereas before they may have stood on the sidelines. This renewed sense of energy permeates every aspect of their daily life. They’re more effective at work, they have energy to play with the kids and many report an uptick in the quality of their sex life as well.

Are There Any Side Effects?

When it comes to fat burners any side effects have a direct relationship to the fat burner you’re using. In the past some fat burners used ephedra (10) and other similar ingredients. Ephedra in particular is a kind of amphetamine whose side effects include high blood pressure, seizures, stroke and heart attack (11). As well as less serious side effects like dizziness, nausea and irritability. For the record, few modern fat burners – and none of the products on our list – contain ephedra.

The most notable side effects of today’s fat burners for men are driven by the presence of caffeine. So the seriousness of those side effects will be a function of how much caffeine is in a particular fat burner. Common caffeine side effects include insomnia, headaches, irritability, anxiety and rapid heart beat (12). On the plus side caffeine has been shown to have a net positive effect on memory (13). And better memory is something most guys wouldn’t mind having.

As far as other ingredients and side effects go, the one most likely to produce negative side effects is likely cayenne pepper (capsaicin). Side effects for this ingredient may include upset stomach or irritation of the throat. People allergic to avocados, bananas and latex are also believed more likely to be allergic to cayenne pepper.

If that is you you’ll want to look for warning signs of an allergic reaction. These may include chest pain, respiratory distress, a skin rash, swelling of the skin or tightness in the throat or chest. If you experience any of these symptoms when using a fat burner discontinue use immediately and call your doctor.

Will Fat Burners Work Even if I Don’t Exercise?

Some will. But it will be difficult to see any improvement if you don’t cooperate by at least cutting down on the fat-producing foods. If you don’t then for every fat cell you burn you’ll just be replacing it with a new fat cell. You don’t have to become a health food guru or anything. Just drink lite beer instead of regular beer. Cut down on the ice cream and have 2 slices of pizza instead of 4. Anything you can do in this regard will help you get more from the fat burner.

That said, if you really want to maximize the benefits of the fat burner you should seriously consider incorporating some type of exercise into your life. As with the dietary changes you don’t need to be an extremist. Just go for a walk at lunchtime instead of sitting around. Play hoops or tennis on the weekend. And take the stairs instead of the elevator if you’re going up 3 floors or less or going down 4 flights or less. These little things all add up and can help you enjoy far more meaningful results from your fat burner.

What is Thermogenesis?

This is a term you hear used a lot in relation to fat burners for both men and women. It sounds vague and mysterious but it’s really not. Thermogenesis (14) describes the heat produced by the body as it burns through calories. If you’ve ever known a thin person and had the fortune (or misfortune depending on what you think of them) to touch their skin after they ate they likely felt extra warm to you. Almost like they had a fever. This is thermogenesis in action.

Thin people are thin for a reason: because their metabolisms are naturally fast. As such they burn through calories much quicker than most people and this causes them to feel warmer to the touch than other people. Heavy people often feel cool to the touch because they don’t burn through calories as fast. That’s also one of the main reasons why they’re heavy.

The Bottom Line

The best fat burners for men take different paths to the same destination. Some may rely on caffeine, others may depend on a combination of herbs to get the job done. But whatever the ingredient list they are all formulated to enable you to burn off excess fat with a minimum of effort.

Be advised however, that they will require at least a bit of cooperation from you in order to be truly effective. As such, if you’re going to bother taking a fat burner do your best to cut back on carb-heavy dishes, deserts, beer and other things that put air in the spare tire. And if at all possible try and incorporate some type of exercise into your routine. Remember, muscles burn calories even when you’re not using them. Fat, on the other hand, does not.

Any of the fat burners for men on our list should enable you to start chipping away at problem areas where fat has accumulated over the years. Just be careful to take them as directed and be patient. The spare tire didn’t form in a day and it will take some time to get rid of it.

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