Calories Burned is Based On Your Exact Workout and BMI

AUSTIN, Texas, Mar. 4, 2011 /NewsRelease/ – “Our Nutrition Center is yet another innovative and powerful MapMyFITNESS tool targeted at helping our members live healthier and much more active lives,” said Robin J. Thurston, chief executive officer of MapMyFITNESS. “Historically, we’ve provided users using the practical tools and content they have to achieve better fitness; the Nutrition Center ups the ante and delivers a great complement to our existing web and mobile technologies since it provides members with the information and tools they have to make smarter diet and eat healthier.”

Food Log where members can record their meals and snacks

MapMyFITNESS, Inc., the premier provider of web and mobile health insurance and fitness-related software applications, recently launched its new Nutrition Center-a comprehensive resource aimed at helping MapMyFITNESS members improve educated about their diet and more committed to their nutrition and weight loss goals.

Providing members together with valuable health and fitness tools, the Nutrition Center features:

  • Personalized Nutrition Dashboard that gives members a snapshot of their daily caloric budget, consumption and the amount of calories they’ve burned in their workouts
  • Daily Water Consumption Calculator
  • Food Log where members can record their meals and snacks and view a graphical representation of their daily food intake
  • Searchable database of a large number of foods based on USDA data
  • “My Favorites” ingredient that gives members the ability to save frequently consumed foods for easy addition to their Food Logs.
  • “One of the most unique advantages our Nutrition Center has may be the accuracy of your total calories,” said Thurston. “Because the quantity of calories burned is based on your exact workout and BMI, not a generic estimate of how many calories someone burns in a certain time for a particular activity, you can be assured that you’re receiving a precise, personalized calorie total.”

In addition, new functionality presented in the coming months allows members to create new foods to become added to the Nutrition Center’s food database and the option to dial inside a more personalized calorie budget. Because the release, MapMyFITNESS members have logged over 100,000 different foods within the Food Log; the entries logged to date suggest members already strive toward healthy eating habits as bananas and apples happen to be the most entered foods.

The Nutrition Center happens to be live on the MapMyFITNESS suite of web sites, which includes MapMyRUN.com, MapMyRIDE.com, MapMyWALK.com, MapMyHIKE.com, MapMyFITNESS.com and MapMyTRI.com.


Headquartered in Austin, Texas, MapMyFITNESS, Inc. was founded in 2007 and operates a suite of fitness-oriented websites and associated mobile applications including MapMyRUN.com, MapMyRIDE.com, MapMyWALK.com, MapMyHIKE.com, MapMyFITNESS.com, MapMyMOUNTAIN.com and MapMyTRI.com. MapMyFITNESS provides more than three million runners, cyclists, walkers, along with other fitness enthusiasts with use of an innovative geo-mapping application that enables them to track and store their daily running, cycling, walking or hiking routes within an online database, a searchable database of routes across the globe, essential community-based fitness content, online Nutrition Center, training tools and fitness calculators, comprehensive global event listings, along with a dynamic social network of healthy and active individuals. MapMyFITNESS’s mobile apps use the built-in GPS technology from the iPhone, BlackBerry, and Android make it possible for users to record and chart their daily fitness activities and routes. To learn more about MapMyFITNESS and its offerings, visit http://www.mapmyfitnessinc.com/.


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